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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? no problem... and done. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during our veterans day sale, save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799 only for a limited time. right now at 11:00 parents say it's a fight club. the school says it's over. details on the shocking video that surfaced late tonight. the kincade fire is finally contained but things are far from normal in sonoma county. and you've seen the terrifying video. a man saved from a bart train in the knick of time. tonight for the first time the victim is speaking out. the news at 11:00 starts right now. well, the video will make you flinch. a man falling onto the bart
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tracks pulled to safety by an alert bart employee. >> we've already heard from the heroic employee a few days ago. tonight we her from the man who was nearly hit by that train. nbc bay area's sergio quintana joins us for this interview. pretty incredible, sergio. >> a stranger reaches out his hand just in the knick of time and saves his life. rayshawn jackson says that man was like a guardian angel. in the bart security video you can see the moment rayshawn jackson falls on the tracks and & within seconds bart supervisor john o'connor was there to pull him back onto the platform. >> i felt an arm grabbing me. i didn't see his face till the whole thing cleared up. >> reporter: the station was full sunday night, raiders fans lining up ready to board the train. though jackson experienced it all firsthand he says the shock really sets in every time he sees t video. >> it freaks me out every time i watch it. i get the backflash every time i see it like i was right there doing it all over again. >> reporter: jackson says he lost his balance when he leaned over to see how far away the
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train was. that's how he fell onto the tracks. he tried jumping to get back onto the platform to try to save himself but couldn't jump high enough. the help from supervisor o'connor is what got him to safety. the train came so close to hitting him he could feel the air of the massive train car whiz by. jackson and o'connor were able to talk by phone recently. he says he's eternally grateful to o'connor for saving his life. >> kind of him doing that. putting himself in danger to help another person's life. he's my hero, man, for real. >> reporter: rayshawn jackson went to a local hospital to get checked out sunday night and was promptly released and instead of taking public transportation back home he decided to spend $200 on an uber ride because he was still rattled by the whole experience. back to you. >> no one can blame him for that. that's for sure. thank you, sergio. new a11:00 schoolyard scuffle or middle school fight club? videos of what appear to be students fighting have some parents outraged tonight. watch.
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a relative of a boy in this video reached out to our sister station telemundo 48 after clips surfaced on instagram. she says it's part of a fight club organized by students at everett middle school in san francisco. the boy's aunt says she met with the school's principal yesterday and showed her those videos. the school district released a statement this afternoon saying in part "the school is aware of the incidents. the families of the students involved were contacted and the students have received disciplinary action." 24 hours after election night we still have drama. the san francisco d.a.'s race is still too close to call. interim d.a. suzy loftus is neck and neck. you can see thebodin. it's what happened outside an election event last night that has one supervisor in hot water. video shows supervisor sanda lee fuhr leading a hateful chant against police officers. nbc bay area's jean elle joins
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us in san francisco where politics as we know can get dirty. jean. >> reporter: it can, raj. tonight those hateful comments from a supervisor directed at the san francisco police officers association are quite the talk here at city hall but most city leaders we reached out to are keeping their distance from the controversy. he the sfpoa, though, is reacting. san francisco supervisor sanda lee fuhr captured on video leading a vulgar chant against the san francisco police officers association at a campaign event last night. a chant the p.o.a. president says is an attack on police officers. >> they're hert by her language. our members have a very dangerous job as it is. and for her inciting and fueling anger toward law enforcement out there it's dangerous. >> reporter: she did not make herself available for comment but issued a statement apologizing to the rank and file, letting them know her husband was a police officer and
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she respects the job but going on to say she weapons not apologizing to the p.o.a. saying their attempts to influence the district attorney's race was trumpian bullying and fearmongering in san francisco politics. the supervisor's comments didn't come up at tonight's police commission meeting. one commissioner pointing to fewer's apology. an apology the p.o.a. does not accept. >> her words have meaning. there's no taking them back. and i don't accept that apology because it's not an apology. >> reporter: and tonight the p.o.a. did send supervisor fewer a letter telling her her conduct is unbecoming of an elected official and that letter was delivered with a bar of soap. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, jean. kincade fire contained exactly two weeks after it broke out. scorching 77,000 acres and destroying 174 homes. firefighters have tamed that massive blaze. also saved, windsor. a wall of firemenassed the town
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but it took no homes with it. tonight they gave thanks as the city council got back to work. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us live in windsor where there's a lot to be thankful for, cheryl. >> reporter: it was a full house here at tonight's city council meeting. people here are back in their homes and many tell me they came here tonight because they've lot to be thankful for. >> we're going to have ptsd for a while. >> reporter: that's because the toufrn of windsor was almost a casualty in the kincade fire. it survived, and tonight windsor residents came out to say thank you. >> there's an entire team of people in the eoc who never made it in front of the microphone, and were all hiding in the back and they saved us. >> reporter: firefighters saving dozens of homes surrounded byik. they stopped it. no houses were lost. no lives. it was just a miracle. incredible. >> 220,000 people were evacuated. and they were given four to five hours' notice to get out, take
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their animals, take their few possessions. >> reporter: laurie crumpie was an evacuee. she and her family were told to get out quickly. leaving their two horses behind. she is thankful for the town's support. >> they had animal control coming through, watered them and gave them food. >> reporter: meanwhile council members put in place an emergency declaration so windsor can be reimbursed for thousands of dollars lost. >> this town will never be normal. this was an historic event that we will never forget. >> reporter: now, town officials tell me they don't want people to forget windsor. they are open for business. reporting live in windsor i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> it is a great community. thank you, cheryl. a shooting outside of a fast food restaurant near san diego has left one person dead and two others hurt. it happened this evening at
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church's chicken near the border in o'tay mesa. police say a gunman walked into the restaurant and opened fire. they say it was at that church's chicken earlier in the day where he bought food with a fake $100 bill and then left. he then came back and opened fire on three restaurant employees. milpitas school district officials held a special closed-door meeting with parents tonight in response to the teachers who wore blackface to class at milpitas high for hal woo halloween. the principal said the conversation is part of the healing process. they wore the blackface to imitate black activists, rappers and common. >> we talked to student leaders, the black student union, as well as other students and gave them about three hours where we really listened. >> reporter: the teacher remains suspended as an investigation of his conduct continues. the superintendent says she will continue all options on what to do with the teacher as soon as that inquiry is completed.
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after what happened in orinda airbnb is changing its policy worldwide. today the ceo of the company brian chesky vowed to verify all 7 million of its listings by december of next year. this includes checking for accuracy of photos and verifying that hosts are who they say they are and also verifying renters. >> this is another one of those moments where a tragedy happens and we say enough is enough, we galvanize and we are making the most significant change to our platform to increase the amount of trust in our platform. >> a lot of people do question, though, if airbnb can truly verify all listings if people provide false information like the person who rented that party house in orinda is suspected of doing. five people were killed on halloween night. caught at the border trying get back in the u.s. two escaped inmates in c tonight after nearly three days on the run. ar, has them arriving back at monterey county main jail this
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afternoon. they escaped from the jail in salinas on sunday. the two murder suspects cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling then crawled out to freedom. overnight, though, border patrol officers captured them at the u.s.-mexico border as they tried to get back to the u.s. >> we had information that they were in the tijuana area and they were trying to come back into the united states. we notified border patrol to that information that we had and they located them trying to enter the country. >> the pair will now be held in separate cells and from now on will face additional charges. two former twitter employees are accused of spying by giving saudi arabia personal information about the country's critics and dissidents. federal prosecutors say the men were convinced by saudi operatives to access the private data of twitter users perceived as being enemies of the crown. now, both men left twitter in 2015. a third man in saudi arabia is also charged. twitter says it does h tools in place to protect privacy. it could reshape the look of the south bay forever.
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san jose city leaders inked a deal to buy 900 acres of lapped today. the land coyote valley on the south side of the city near morning hill. the fight over what to do with the land started back in the a70s. it got resolved today because of support and money from the public. >> my heart is lifted very big. that it's not going to be developed and overpaved with asphalt and big buildings. >> city leaders say a lot of study work and money needed before it can open to the public but at least they know a big chunk of land will always be there. we are back in 60 seconds with the legal battle between california and facebook. the reason why the state is taking facebook to court. and have you seen all this? a bay area teacher has a new kind of lesson plan and it's gotten the attention of millions includinwewn sger. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. thick fog is back in san francisco right now. i'll show you what to expect for thor chances. that's in about seven minutes.
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well, the state of california is taking facebook to court. today the head lawman in california held a news conference to criticize the social network saying it's holding back information the state needs for an investigation on how facebook uses your data. facebook is striking back. our business tech reporter scott budman picks up the story from there. >> we don't appreciate the future impact of what your work is. >> reporter: shortly after the cambridge analytica scandal broke and we learned facebook had allowed an outside company to access our private data the state of california launchedn investigation. fast forward 18 months and state attorney general javier febook cooperating. > facebook knows some of the lives. >> reporter: claiming the social network has ignored multiple
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quatio so becerra is taking facebook to court. >> we are left with little choice but to seek a court order compelling facebook to faithfully comply with our duly authorized subpoenas. >> we need to feel safe and private and secure with our data. >> reporter: cybersecurity professor ahmed benafa says this case is important because your privacy is important. >> and that's probably what he's looking for, to see if there's any kind of violation. >> of our privacy. >> yes, our privacy. >> reporter: we reached out to facebook which says, "we have cooperated extensively with the state of california's investigation. to date we have provided thousands of pages of written on thousands documents." scott budman, nbc bay area news. we know this. vaping is a national epidemic, especially among younger people. now there's a new legislation that could pull e-cigarettes off
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the shelves nationwide. today east bay congressman mark desaulnier announced the preventing vape use act. it if approved the bill would stop e-cigs from being sold in the united states until the fda can verify they're safe. some cities including san francisco and richmond have already passed similar ordinances but this bill extends the regulations across the country. well, a spike in children being hit by cars has east bay parents calling for action. there are some roads in alameda that are causing concern after multiple children have been hit at some of the intersections which include lincoln and willow, lincoln and chestnut. last night parents and teachers rallied at city hall calling for safer streets. >> we've had six students get hit by cars as they were walking or biking to school since the start of school in late august and then there was also a 3-year-old who was hit. >> parents and teachers are asking the city to reduce the inged limit around the schools peed bumps and more signs. leaders are considering using a task force to implement more
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safety regulations there. how about this? cleaner elevators are on the way for bart. bart and the sfmta have teamed up to hire more elevator attendants at san francisco's montgomery street sxem bark derro stations. the program was introduced at two other san francisco stations last year and helped reduce drug use and human waste in the bart elevators. well, crews ready to break down tomorrow on a project designed to revitalize san francisco's presidio again. house speaker nancy pelosi expected to be there. the project will build a 14-acre public park which will sit on top of the new tunnels that replaced still drive near the golden gate bridge. the $110 million project is completed in two years, it will connect chrissy field to the presid presidio's main post. the project called tunnel top. recognize the tune? a hit song by singer lizzo leads to a hit lesson in the
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classroom. an east bay teacher and her class of second-graders are now famous. >> this is the best story of the night. nbc bay area's melissa colorado is on campus for us in pittsburg with this teacher who's getting international attention. >> i'm amazing. >> i'm amazing. >> i'm famous. >> i'm famous. >> reporter: internet famous, that is. welcome to miss dorothy mallari's second-grade classroom at los medanos elementary in pittsburg. every morning this classroom turns into a stage. ♪ 'cause i know we are great and these students become performers. >> when you sing the song, what do you feel in your heart? >> that -- i feel happy. >> reporter: mallari has been teaching for the pittsburg unified school district for the last six years. >> she's creative and funny and crazy. >> reporter: every school year she picks a popular song and adds her own twist to the lakers. this year the song was lizzo's "truth hurts." >> when this came on they started grooving to it. i was like okay, they're already loving it. >> reporter: the song isn't
11:18 pm
exactly suitable for this young audience. so miss mallari tweaks the lyrics like this one, for example. "i just took an ela test. turns out i'm 100% that smart." >> when he came home with that song and started singing it to me and knew all the words, i was super impressed and proud of him. >> reporter: byron murgilla's mother says she not only saw a surge of confidence in her son -- >> he's been in speech therapy since he was younger. >> reporter: but a new set of skills. >> that's actually i think the first song he was able to like sing. >> i didn't think i'd have that impact. we just try to make it fun, learning fun here. >> they are happy. >> that is so great. i want to be in second grade in her class. >> i know. so much fun. llwe hav story. lizzo, the singer, is coming to the bay area to san jose december 5th. >> they've got to get together. >> we're trying to get them all together. and lizzo tonight on twitter said she's very excited to see the story. so we're getting there.
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>> perfect. >> we're getting there. >> we need ellen too to kind of bring everybody together. >> that would be a three-peat. >> i've been rallying for that all day. >> take it away. >> weather forecast really fantastic as we hit our thursday. almost toward that weekend. we're getting closer. let's get you set up for that thursday morning forecast. and the thing i want you to know about tomorrow morning is you will need that jacket. chilly 40s moving back in for the tri-valley peninsula, also the south bay. and the way it looks now we could also have some patchy low clouds down here for the south bay. areas of fog in the peninsula and the tri-valley. also a few clouds. best possibility of that fogwou east bay and san francisco as well. i think any kind of cloud cover we have in the morning that definitely clears out once we hit the noon hour. maybe a little bit slower to clear out near the immediate coastline. but all in all sunshine is on the way for tomorrow. temperatures mid to upper 70s down in the south bay. 75 here in gilroy.
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74 san jose. 73 in los gatos. right through contra costa, alameda counties. i'll have most of you in the upper 70s. vallejo, though, closer to that bay breeze will be at a cooler 73 and oakland 69. the peninsula, it's a real mix tomorrow. 70 in redwood city. then you head over to the beaches. we'll be at a chilly 58 in half moon bay. san francisco for the most part will be cool. 63 in the embarcadero and 60 right over toward the outer sunset. marin, napa, sonoma counties. it's going to be the warmest here right up toward ukiah at 80 degrees. then where that ocean breeze is filtering in we'll have 72 in mill valley. on the surface looks pretty good for tomorrow. but i do want you to be on alert for the air quality. so we still have some smoke filtering down from the ranch fire near red bluff. it doesn't look super thick but moderate air quality from the north bay to the south bay. if you have respiratory problems you might need to limit your outdoor exposure. what we need to clear out this air quality is a change in the
11:21 pm
weather pattern. we've just been kind of stuck with the same thing. but i think by next thursday we'll start to see things beginning to change. the number one thing we need is high pressure to start to move on out. looks like by next thursday that will kick off toward the east. that's important because it makes room for a cooler flow to set up that eventually could open up the storm door. so again, by next thursday we'll see this pattern change beginning. so what about rainfall chances? the way it looks now by the 15th we would have that rainfall developing in the pacific and eventually this could lead us to some rainfall chances from november the 20th into december the 5th. now, i'm not totally sold on this happening yet. my chances are about 60% possibility. but we're definitely seeing that increase the way that forecast looks right now. on my extended forecast it looks really good this weekend. upper 60s saturday, sunday, and monday right into veterans day in san francisco. no issues here. and right through the inland valleys also a beautiful
11:22 pm
weekend. upper 70s to also low 80s. so the forecast looking really nice. as we head through this upcoming weekend. >> that's hot. nice hot weekend. thanks, jeff. up next here at 11:00, the celebrity yard sale that had people lined up. wow. for blocks. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. henry golding is my guest tonight. plus we have magic from dan white. it's a great show. do not change the channel. loo .
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a line of people. yep, all those people down below for a yard sale. not just any yard sale. this was at the home of singer chris brown down in tarzana near l.a. he advertised this on social media, even gave out his home address. see all those tents there? they're packed with racks of designer clothes. brown promised people significant markdowns. the sale, if you want to go to
11:25 pm
tarzana, continues tomorrow. taking their fight to investors' doorsteps. instead of picking up fares uber drivers spent the day fighting for fair pay. they're protesting right outside multimillion-dollar homes of top-listed uber investors. even though they say there's huge demand for services in places like silicon valley they say they're barely getting by while investors are making a lot of money. >> at the same time millionaires are making investments and expecting a return on their investments, drivers also want to be rewarded. >> the protest took place outside the home of tech investor ted gurley. protesters argue gurley has made millions of dollars by investing in uber. a groundbreaking ceremony in san jose's everchanging downtown. a sleek 19-story office tower. the name of the high-rise is also its address. 200 park avenue will be a glass high-rise. you see it there in the heart of downtown. these are renderings. we still don't know who's going to occupy this building when it's finished in three years.
11:26 pm
but most likely a tech company. optimism tonight for the a's and their efforts to build a new waterfront ballpark in oakland. today the city of oakland announced it will negotiate with the a's to sell the team its half ownership of the oakland coliseum. the city owns half. the county owns the other half. the move comes weeks after the a's offered the city 85 million bucks for its share. the a's want to buy the coliseum site and develop it, and then the money generated from that would then help the team finance a new privately paid for ballpark near jack london square. big stuff. we're back in a moment. big night for the raiders tomorrow. and we'll show you what happened with the warriors tonight. stay with us. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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11:30 pm
but really the rockets, they've got all the stars. james harden with the steal. up ahead to russell westbrook. houston wins in a big way 129-112. college hoops. the season opener for stanford on the farm against the montana grizzlies. stanford, actually was a close game but they go on a nice run in the second half. the steal and dunk you see it here by deskron davis. stanford wins 73-62. we're back in a moment. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected. but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go. with xfinity xfi, if it's connected, it's protected. pull the truck around. simple. easy. awesome. get more out of your in-home wifi experience with xfinity internet and ask about enhanced network security
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the raiders are going to play their last thursday night game at the kols crum. what you need to know if you're going to go to the game or stay home. >> nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman exhausted by her gym membership mix-up. it doesn't exactly feel like winter outside but the holiday iegs rink in san francisco's union square up and running. people already getting into the swing of things. this year the rink will host a silent disco skate and an ugly sweater party. if you don't know how to skate don't worry, lessons available every saturday and sunday morning. rink will be available from11:3 january 20th. jeff knows how to skate. i'm sure you have an ugly sweater somewhere. >> i do. i have plenty. i've got a couple.
11:34 pm
>> if you notice i was in short sleeves. >> i know. and they're putting up a tree in the background. >> heading out there tomorrow we have some low to mid 50s for the afternoon and evening. and that fog will be back. it's going to be a good time. and maybe it's not skating but it's the raiders going out there. yes. 60s, some sun, some clouds. seven-day forecast, plans for the weekend, upper 70s and low 80s. not too many complaints right now. but i know rain, everybody wants it. we're doing what we can. >> we're going to need it. thanks, jeff. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -


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